The current dialogue here in Ontario about changes to the outdated liquor law, such as the recent band-aid fix of promoting craft beers in the antisocial retail settings of grocery stores and the beer store, is very interesting. We have chosen to go the different route of having a complete experience from mash tun to glass enjoyed in a social setting that nurtures conversation, community involvement, and responsible drinking. Alongside our own future small batch keg and cask brews we are proud to support and serve beer from local independent craft breweries.

If you drop by our space you might be asking why aren't any of our own beers on tap yet.The current zoning in downtown Hamilton does not allow microbreweries, and although changes to allow brewing are coming it won’t be until June that these changes will be presented to City Council for approval. This situation has forced us to delay the introduction of our on-site brewing until the near future but rest assured we are working on it. In the meantime come hangout and enjoy the coffee, food and awesome beer from our favourite breweries. You can help us out too by writing to your local councillor and telling them you support the addition of microbreweries to the downtown zoning plan!

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